About Bio Bidet

As one of the most rapidly growing companies in the kitchen & bath industry, Bio Bidet pride itself on being a leader in the global market for bidet seats and attachments. Bio Bidet has successful distributors on every continent and recognizes the importance of positive collaboration with each partner. As the foremost pioneer in the North American bidet market, Bio Bidet's extensive knowledge continues to grow as Bio Bidet innovates new and exciting products to optimize personal hygiene and bathroom experiences.

Bio Bidet strives to revolutionize bathroom luxury because Bio Bidet believes that everyone deserves to have a clean and comfortable experience. Whether you’re in the market for a bidet toilet, bidet seat, or bidet attachment, our industry-leading standards have advanced bidet technology into a luxurious modern necessity. Bio Bidet stand by bidets! Bio Bidet is firmly committed to providing customers with best-in-class, reliable products.

Bio Bidet believes in “Water Does it Better” and is passionate about the positive impacts Bio Bidet's bidet toilet seats, attachments, and advanced smart home products bring to people around the world. Located North West of Chicago, Bio Bidet's passion has led them on the quest to develop and offer products that increase the function and beauty of your home.

Bio Bidet By Bemis

Bio Bidet By Bemis is well known for quality products and exceptional service, but Bio Bidet's passionate and talented team is the driving force that makes Bio Bidet company a North American industry leader. With a strong pride in the Bio Bidet product line, Bio Bidet continues to raise the standard for kitchen & bath technology. Bio Bidet is a diverse collective committed to working and growing together.

Leading Design

From start to finish, Bio Bidet controls every aspect of design and production. Alongside vigilant market research and observation, Bio Bidet products are constantly reviewed and re-examined for improvements used as footholds for innovative releases. Bio Bidet is in constant collaboration with the best minds in bathroom engineering and brings them to the drawing board to design products of unmatched quality.

Legendary Support

Bio Bidet makes it a priority to go above and beyond the industry standard to handle warranty matters. Bio Bidet believes that a large portion of a product's quality has to do with the company standing behind it. Bio Bidet earns the trust of customers through strong warranty support and exceptional customer service.

Bio Bidet's Mission

Bio Bidet By Bemis believes that everyone deserves a clean and comfortable bathroom experience. Bio Bidet industry-leading standards have advanced bidet technology into luxurious modern necessities. Bio Bidet is here to revolutionize the bathroom experience while pushing forward with high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and eco-friendly practices.
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