About Ginkgo International

GINKGO International, Ltd., and the W.S. Helmick Stainless Flatware Collections were founded in 1977 by Wes and Janet Helmick. Ginkgo’s purpose is to bring original flatware designs to the market at the best value. We have worked with designers and stainless flatware contractors from the United States, Europe, and Asia to accomplish these goals. We believe the patterns illustrated here are the highest quality and value that over 40 years of endeavor can produce.

We are proud of our designers’ patterns, from the original “Le Prix”® pattern developed in a small ancient French Alps town of Their, France, to our latest patterns, Old Newbury Crafters 18/10 stainless. These patterns are reproductions of handwrought sterling from Old Newbury Crafters in Amesbury, Massachusetts, which have antecedents dating back to the 1600s, and were incorporated in 1915. We are pleased to be associated with Old Newbury Crafters.

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