About HomeRoots

Based in Fairfield, New Jersey, HomeRoots is here to make the B2B online shopping experience as easy as the B2C online shopping experience. HomeRoots seeks to bridge the gap and mend the fractures, making it easier for buyers to conduct business without having to worry about things such as availability, excessively long delivery times, and overall logistics. Our technical leadership experience and the love of furniture led to the creation of HomeRoots.

HomeRoots has made the shopping experience better for the buyer by offering a wide variety of choices, in the tens-of-thousands and growing, in furniture, lighting and home decor products at extremely competitive pricing. HomeRoots' customers benefit from the 3PL logistics services it offers, which alleviates the typical challenges of logistics, which include warehousing and distribution.

Customers of HomeRoots are receiving a quality online shopping experience. HomeRoots' vision is to offer the largest selection of products from multiple distribution centers all over North America at the lowest cost and shortest delivery time possible in the industry. HomeRoots also offers something that other sources don't.

HomeRoots welcomes and appreciates its customers' constant feedback to make that vision a reality and help HomeRoots evolve into the go-to platform for buyers.

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