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No one creates fashion and style like the Italians. Anyone can copy but few can create the design that says “YOU”. Make your own statement in your bath or kitchen.

Men build societies.

Paini case is an example of that. Starting from a little craft made factory founded in 1954, in 50 years it has become one of the leading companies in its industry. At the end of the Sixties it reached the size of a small company, and 1972 it became a jointstock company. It was also necessary to build a more modern and equipped plant next to the one already facility. The period of greatest growth for the company has certainly began with the birth of the mixer, in the modern faucet. Today Paini is a large company covering an area over 325,000 square feet with nearly 400 employees working in it. The staff are highly specialized and educated and receive ongoing in-house refresher courses. We also offer classes to students from technical and commercial institutes. Paini offers a wide range of faucets, showers, bathroom accessories and shipbuilding industry, kitchen, bath and shower associated products. We proudly produce 4 million pieces per annum.

The production cycle employs exclusively raw materials of suitable quality to meet all technical, regulatory and legal requirements relevant to the product: every raw material supply is delivered with EN 10204 control documents. For testing or trials of particular typology and complexity, we also avail of the cooperation with external accredited and qualified laboratories. Our R&D department is equipped with test benches, tools and devices suitable for analysis, assessments and studies on products as well as for experience acquisition peculiar to mechanical, chemical and functional properties of materials.

The production is completely carried out in-house on a wide range of modern computerized driven processes and disciplines on transfer and multi-spindled machines. Quality tests are carried out during all production and handling steps, from the main to the secondary ones. To this aim computerised equipment programmed according to specific evalution protcols for each handling are used. Final polishing of the pieces can be both robotized and manual, according to the production challenges and the finish level every single piece should provide. our chromium plating plant system is one of the largest in the industry and automatically assures the chromium thickness standard in conformity with international norms. Pieces are carried on air frames sliding on an electromechanical birail. On site we also provide colouring plants using epoxidic powder and liquid. Our PDV facility enabals us to get finishes of higher resistance than the traditional ones. Our products comply with the main requirements of the major technical reference standards in the field, both European and international. We have product certificates of conformity, both internationally acknowledged as specific for particular markets and attesting the conformity to the technical performance requirements established by the most prestigious international institutes together with the compliance to national and international dispositions of law.

PVD Treatment

A brief description of the process: Components to be treated are set in a chamber which is then vacuum-sealed at pressures of 5-10mbar. Inside the chamber are produced titanium and chrome vapors are produced, which will form the coating. Vapors spread in the chamber and condense deep in the substrates of the material. Condensation develops in the presence of process gases (Argon, Nitrogen and Methane) introduced into the chamber in a controlled way. Added to condensation, these chemical processes form compounds that are different from the starting ones. Paini has three different processes, used for three different purposes: Arc PVD: the most common technology, used by Paini for more than 15 years, has a limited range of possible finishes. Sputtering PVD: a never recent technology involving different materials and tools. The process is more «delicate», consequently, it is possible to obtain a wider range of finishes. PeCVD: this is a chemical vapor procedure, which creates different types of coatings. This technology allows to obtain special properties on the treated components, such as water repellency.

A standard cycle includes: Chamber vacuum sealing and starting of the heaters: 50°C for plastic components, up to 150°C for brass. Pressure drop test. Ionic cleaning by means of ionic bombardment. Deposition up to 99 different layers; in particular, it is possible to deposit layers with a graduated composition by varying the composition of the gas mixture within each layer. 


• TiN (Titanium Nitride)
• CrN (Chrome Nitride)

These coatings allow to obtain the golden,steel, black and anthracite colors.


Chrome is the most common finish. It is a plating faucet that creates a strong bond to the faucet. Paini has been doing chrome plating in-house for over 50 years. PVD Coating refers to a process where a solid material is vaporized in a vacuum environment. The finish actually becomes part of the product. The process transfers the coating material as a single atom achieving precise & reproducible results. A combination of time and different gasses create a range of finishes that are virtually indestructible. Paini installed the second PVD machine in Europe nearly 30 years ago. They now have a series of state-of-the-art machines along with highly trained specialists creating a full range of exotic, durable finishes. Painted finishes allow for a full range of colors to be added to your faucets. A heated Epoxy process ensures durability. Paini has been doing painted finishes in-house for over 40 years.

The Valve

Paini has been using ceramic valves for 40 years. No dripping, no replacement parts, ¼ turn on-to-off, no problems. Paini has partnered with the leading ceramic valve manufacturer in Italy to develop valves that are specific matches to their products. Behind the wall is the heart of your shower and tub system. Paini have their own brass valve bodies cast. The basic valve controls the on/off and hot/cold mix of the water flow. Pressure Balance Valves protect you from sudden temperature changes if someone is flushing a toilet or doing laundry while you are in the shower! Thermostatic Valves also protect you from sudden temperature changes with an added feature. Instead of having to always search for the “right” temperature, thermostatic valves let you find you perfect temperature and then remembers that setting. Just turn on the water and you get the same comfortable shower time after time. All Paini valves have built-in stop valves and easily maintained from the front of the shower if necessary. After the basic valve, you can create an endless number of variations for your Special Space. 2-way and 3-way diverters can be purchased either built into your valve, or plumbed in separately allowing you to create your own personal spa. Switch from over head to hand held showers. Turn on body sprays. Adjust the water flow to match your needs.



The Certification

LaToscana products are realised following the strict international rules which require the use of high quality raw materials, production process control and single product working analysis, thus granting quality and safety.

Product Certifications

Certification of Quality Management System

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