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MASTERPAN is an established American Cookware brand that aspires to be the brand of choice for everybody who loves to cook. We believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. We are passionate about both cooking and the joy that can come from sharing dining experiences with friends and family.

At MASTERPAN we want everybody to love their cooking and mealtime, so when we design a product, we do so with the end result in mind. Great food, cooked with quality products at accessible prices. Feel like a chef when you cook with MASTERPAN!

Our Story

MASTERPAN was founded in 2015 by enthusiastic home chef, Raj Nagrani, who has been cooking meals for his family since childhood. He believes that quality cookware is the key ingredient in any recipe. This love of cooking and dining inspired Raj to establish the MASTERPAN brand.

A lifetime spent searching for the best products led Raj to the conclusion that products were either too expensive or affordable but lacking in quality and reliability. MASTERPAN was born out of the desire to bridge the gap by producing innovative, high -quality and well -designed products that delivered outstanding results at affordable prices. After many months of research, testing and development, the first MASTERPAN product, the 5 -section frying pan was launched with Kickstarter funding. It was an instant success and so the MASTERPAN brand was born.

Since then, MASTERPAN has expanded into a complete line of essential cookware and kitchen tools that deliver incredible value, great designs and most importantly outstanding functionality

MASTERPAN was founded because we were tired of paying high prices for good quality cookware and kitchenware. The cheaper stuff being sold in some of the big box stores and by online ghost sellers was just something we did not want to use in our own kitchens.

We knew if we cut out the middlemen and just design, source and manufacture our own quality products, we would be able to produce a great product at an affordable price and sell them online directly to YOU. Plus, with accountability and responsibility, so you would be happy buying and using it.

We want to make cooking fun, healthy and affordable for everyone. We are constantly spending time in our own kitchen studio cooking up a storm and testing new products to see what any home chef would love using as well. 

Quality should be everything when cooking for yourself and your family so we do not make anything that any one of us at MASTERPAN would not feel comfortable using in our own kitchens as well.

All our cookware is made using safe, food grade coatings, that are tested and free of any heavy metals, cadmium or lead. Same goes for any of our kitchenware that is only made from materials that allow them to pass the strict standards of the U.S. FDA. 

MASTERPAN's mission is to provide you with quality, affordable and innovative cookware that we feel will make a difference in your kitchen. Our products are tested by professional chefs to make sure they give us their approval. We know that not everyone can cook like a chef but there is no reason why you should not be able to feel like one!