About Mexports by Susana Molina

Susana Molina want to personally welcome you to Mexports by SM (formerly known simply as Mexports). However, this is a lot more than a name change for our company Re- Branding as Mexports by Susana Molina, it is a sign of change. A new and improved way of doing business, A more personal approach.

Since 1996, you have known Mexports for it’s high quality hand-crafted furniture but you may not have known is, who is behind the creative process for each piece. Susana Molina is the designer and creator of the different styles. Recently, Susana Molina stepped back and started to look at Mexports and decided it was time for a change, real change. At first, even the possibility of change was scary but as time went by Susana Molina realized it was time to help Mexports go through a metamorphosis.

"There are no secrets to success it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure"

— Colin Powell

Mexports Incs by Sunsana Moline is excellence in Mexican Handcrafted Luxury Furniture designing and manufacturing since 1996. The state-of-the-art creation of fine Iron furniture which personifies voluptuousness with exclusive permutation of Marble, Mesquite and Copper Tops, makes it honcho in the merchandise. The Laredo, Texas based furniture giant is fabricates marvelous exhibition and fulfilling the requisite and exigency of indoor and outdoor essentials in the periphery of high-end furniture. Be it modern and contemporary home, office, lawn, entrance, or corridor, Mexports provides style of solution with classic beauty and robust quality with permutation options. Timeless luxury is the arch- feature by which wide selection of products are exclusively designed. Rebranding in July 2014 as MEXPORTS by Susana Molina, furniture is courteously designed with scrutiny to minutiae and has the option of being fully customized.

At Mexports, driven by Susana Molina, you never have to sacrifice elegance for functionality. Each of the furniture are designed with both elements in mind. Specialized in the beauty of nature using only exclusive quality materials found in Mexico. Wrought iron bases are haughtily hand forged by Mexican Blacksmiths. Each piece of iron is heated using a traditional charcoal fire, hammered by hand on an anvil, and carefully crafted to form the unique and delicate looking base.

Mexports aesthetic ethos the futuristic beauty merged with organic forms. Disciplined perspective informed the now-classic drawing inspiration. The artisans modern design ideals, the furniture simple curves and inviting shape make for a beautiful and comfortable piece. These timeless modular pieces work in any interior but elevate the aesthetics of even the simplest space. Eponymous firm tapped into her painterly instincts to create a space that’s every bit as stylish and sophisticated. The place keeps its industrial charm without feeling sterile. The local Mexican Artisans crafts the furniture, creating each piece using centuries old traditions, which are passed on from generations, making the pieces last forever.

Our Intricate furniture design sets the scene and have a mesmerising influence on the vibe and mood of a space. As trends in interior design evolve over time, it’s often expressed in the furniture chosen to fill the room. Mexports furniture speaks volumes about our priorities and personalities, as well as the atmosphere we want to convey.

Mexports exhibit 300-plus different type of tables/furniture with metal sheet support, scrollable, twisted, flat thick and hand-painted wrought iron base in five different finishes. Few of them are mentioned below

– Live-Edge furniture
– Fine Rustic Furniture
– Occasional Table/End Table/Side Table.
– Single/double Pedestal Dining Table
– Conference Table – Desk
– Living room table
– Coffee Table
– Counter Table and Counter Top
– Office Desk

Ms. Susana Molina

Ms. Susana Molina, Architecture (Interior Design) is whip-smart professional and successful entrepreneur is the brain behind the success story of spectacular Mexports Inc. She is Owner and Designer of Mexports which deals in manufacturer, wholesaler and management of fine iron furniture with Copper, Mesquite or Travertine tops, through all United States and Canada. The proficient genius of its kind, prowess highly qualified Susana has adroitness and specialized in the field of furniture art-wisdom.

Ms. Susana is versatile in her imagination and focused on her dreams. The artistic ability of creating hi- end furniture using her snazzy and natty sense of style, to develop designs that look great and are aesthetically pleasing. Designing furniture since 1996 Ms Molina is known for her vibrant designs, often full of historical allusions and in contrast to her subdued persona. There’s something irresistible about her love for hi-end furniture, aesthetic viewpoints, looking for exceptional interior furniture design concepts makes existence as a human more livable.

The designed playful furniture series that imagines an antidote to the sprawled, generic urban growth of mega-cities . She holds multiple design patents and recently created a new line of furniture, Loop de Loop, that is beautiful, comfortable, and technically innovative.

Her contribution and dedicated role smoothen the entire life cycle of creation of furniture till its delivery to the door step of client under the reel of her close supervision. Her quality, ability lead times, integrity with delivery is exceptional. In the wholesale designer and furniture market, she has the flair that makes a room a statement. Susana offers personalized service like no other furniture are intricate gorgeous and of high quality. She takes great pride in making sure her clients are satisfied, beatific with their selection and customer service is above any other furniture store. Supply, veracity and quality of merchandise is excellent.

October 1999 our first location – 3704 San Bernardo Ave.

 A little bit of my background born and raise in Nuevo Laredo Mexico across the border of Laredo Texas. Inherited her mother's pristine taste in fashion and home decor. After graduating from Mexican University, Susana Molina decided to start an interior design corporation called Molina’s House in Monterrey, Mexico

In 1996 She decided to expand my horizons into US Market after Mexican devaluation, moved to San Antonio TX. with my former husband Gregory Warriner, only serving San Antonio and surrounding areas, renting a small warehouse by Bandera Street.

In 2005 we opened up our Dallas Market Temporarily as well as our Vegas market we were extending our Business all over the united states for their Wholesale Clients.

They celebrated the 15th year anniversary of Mexports Inc. in Dallas Market.

Markets have helped them get one on one interactions with their wholesale customers and meet new wholesale and retail loyal customers. She met Bill Holand owner of Hill Country Interiors Located in San Antonio TX Lori Kirkpatrick Owner of Dos Corazones Located in Tucson AZ 2014.She met Vicky and Houston Nichols owners of Western Passion Located in Dallas TX.Martha Zaragoza owner of Artes Del Sur Located in Peru.Mike Clark Sales Rep. of Woodleys Co. Located in Colorado.

She decided in 2012 to expand Mexports Inc. Warehouse & office to invest in more merchandise for customers and markets now that we had expanded temporarily a showroom in Dallas TX and Las Vegas, Nevada.

She also Expanded her Tomincaili Collection with red bar-stools , chairs and benches as well with the zebra leather.

She Rebranded Mexports Inc. in 2014 to Mexports Inc. by Susana Molina after her divorce.

“In looking at my company. I realized that I had to give you better and additional ways to see our furniture. We have changed too many things to list but you can see some of the fruits of our labor has improved website, our catalog and more importantly our customer service. In a nutshell we want to and will work with you in exceeding your clients expectations. We want to do it while keeping our staple impeccable taste and creative design.”

Susana Molina  Owner, Designer

She came out with a Full Line Catalog and Website for Wholesale Clients within the years she started expanding her business more in the United States.

Within the years she was also doing Markets in Atlanta, Georgia and her temporarily showrooms in Las Vegas , Nevada and Dallas, TX.

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