About Pelican International

Quality, Integrity & Service

Located in the Tampa Bay area, Pelican Int’l has become one of the most recognized providers of kitchen and bathroom products in the state of Florida and one of the fastest-growing distributors in North America. Pelican Int’l's exceptional Quality, Integrity, and service provide clients with a comfort level not often found in the Kitchen and Bath industry. At Pelican Int’l, they pride themselves on customer satisfaction and the professionalism to fulfill clients' needs.

Pelican Int’l was created as a family-owned business to ensure the best customer satisfaction. Pelican Int’l is based on three fundamental principles. The first one is to deliver the highest quality product at unprecedented prices. Second, establish and maintain unparalleled customer service. Third, make a commitment to innovation and a trendsetting style.

Pelican Int’l products include a wide variety of certified stainless steel sinks, elegant porcelain vanity bowls, sophisticated handmade sinks, luxurious granite composite sinks, faucets, granite, marble, quartz, tile and so much more. Pelican Int’l have searched and tested many products so they may provide outstanding products at reasonable prices.

All Pelican Int’l products go through factory quality inspections and are inspected a second time before leaving their warehouse. Pelican Int’l supplies the kitchen and bath industry with pride and joy and enjoy doing it!

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