From the beginning of human birth, humans seem to have the nature and instinct to swim and bathe in the rivers, lakes, and seas. Although we have no proof, we can infer from the instincts of animal habits. The earliest times that we have information to refer to can be traced back to the time of Homer, when ancient Greeks swim and bathe at sea and in rivers. It is already a common custom.Nowadays, the quality of our life is keeping developing, and we believe that bathroom is no longer just a space to solve our physical needs and personal hygiene. Rbrohant start paying more attention to the design of the bathroom, so advanced technology is applied to bathroom design, and gradually, the bathroom has its unique culture.



Completed the "rbrohant" the first health faucet with the concept of health and designed with healthy copper materials, began to manufacture and put into the market

After 10 years of development, Rbrohant adheres to the brand concept of "focusing on original design of high-end sanitary ware". Rbrohant leads the industry with first-class quality, technology, design and service, and is committed to creating a more healthy and comfortable living space for the majority of users

Rbrohant constantly innovates, introduces original minimalist design and returns to the origin

Rbrohant introduces "comfortable experience" to let you enjoy the exquisite bath life

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