Founded in 1979, ROBAM is known around the world for its high-end kitchen appliances and ranks #1 in global sales for both built-in cooktops and range hoods. From integrating state-of-the-art Field-Oriented Control (FOC) technology and hands-free control options, to embodying an entirely new design aesthetic for the kitchen that doesn’t hold back on functionality, ROBAM’s suite of professional kitchen appliances offer the perfect combination of power and prestige.

Range Hood Sales

World’s Most Powerful Suction in a Range Hood.


World-class leader of premium kitchen appliances.


To create a kitchen experience that exceeds expectations.


To become a “century-old” brand that continues to lead the kitchen appliance industry with technology and superior products. 
Awards & Recognitions


For years, Robam has maintained good relationships with excellent international designers. These relationships help Robam make continuous innovations in design. Because of these professional product designs, Robam has been awarded the IF, CIDF, and the Red Dot Award— which is sometimes called “the Oscar of the design industry!” Everyone on Robam’s team of designers is dedicated to creating appliances that look like works of art.
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