About Ruffoni

Ruffoni creates hand-crafted premium quality items for the kitchen and the table. Made in Italy by the Ruffoni family in 1931, with an unwavering commitment to beauty, functionality, and the joy of conviviality.

Which Ruffoni collection one chooses will depend on how they prefer to cook, entertain and decorate their home. They might prefer the convenience and everyday appeal of clad stainless steel, the modern, fashionable look, and functionality of copper with stainless steel lining, or the traditional charm and unsurpassed performance of tin-lined copper. All Ruffoni collections are created with expertise and love by Ruffoni master craftsmen and uphold the same commitment to quality, performance, and lasting beauty

Learning an ancient craft isn't child's play

It takes skill, courage, and a lot of practice! Watch as expert hands teach Lorenzo Ruffoni how to master the ancient tools that made the copper company's history.

At Ruffoni, we celebrate traditional craftsmanship by entrusting it to the next generation, because we believe in thoughtful innovation, grounded in the knowledge and understanding of our past.

The Ruffoni Way

We inspire conviviality through functional and beautiful pieces, that encourage friends and family to gather in the kitchen and at the table.

The Ruffoni Way I: The Inspiration Behind Ruffoni

“The way we live and create our products is inspired by the nature, art, and history all around us”

Walter Ruffoni shares how innovation happens at the Ruffoni workshop in the Italian Alps. By taking inspiration from works of art, natural beauty, and antique crafts, Ruffoni copper cookware is created to spark joy and serenity and stand the test of time.

The Ruffoni Way II: Family Traditions

“Good food is an essential part of Italian culture, especially because it brings people together”

Rita Ruffoni gathers with her family, in the kitchen, and around the table, to celebrate Italian food and traditions in the Ruffoni home.

 The Ruffoni Way III: An Italian Celebration

“Northern Piemonte might not be as famous as Venice, Florence or Rome, but it is just as stunning”

Giulia Ruffoni hosts a party for family and friends, coming from all over the world to explore Northern Piemonte and discover its many excellences: nature, history, architecture, food and copper manufacturing.

The History Of Ruffoni



Grandfather Antonio, a skilled craftsman, and lover of good food, makes his first copper pot to celebrate the birth of his son, Fremide


Antonio, his wife Ribelle, and their children Antonietta and Fremide, move with all of their belongings from Ariano in Emilia Romagna to Omegna (400+ km) on two bicycles


Fremide marries Armida, and together they dream of starting their own business


Fremide opens his first workshop. Together with artisan blacksmiths from nearby Valstrona valley, they make their first kitchen items from start to finish. The adventure has begun.


Walter, Fremide’s son, is now at the helm of the business. Together with his mother Armida and soon-to-be-wife Rita, they secure the first large national contracts and bring Ruffoni to homes across Italy


Chuck Williams meets Walter and falls in love with the small Italian artisan… Williams Sonoma quickly becomes Ruffoni’s most important customer


Through the collaboration with Williams Sonoma, the Historia stockpot is born: sold across America, it becomes iconic of the Ruffoni brand

1990'S | THE CHEFS

Ruffoni works with the best Italian Chefs to learn their needs and preferences and expand our product assortment


After decades of collecting and restoring copper artifacts, Walter inaugurates the Ruffoni Private Collection, where hundreds of antique masterpieces are cherished and preserved, and provide a constant source of inspiration for future creations


Stanley Cheng, CEO of Meyer, meets Walter. Their families connect over the love of good food, wine and quality cookware. From the friendship stem a partnership and business venture that will grant Ruffoni access to innovative technologies and new materials


Ruffoni applies the traditional hammering and decorative finishes of copper to innovative multilayer materials: a world first. Opus Prima helps bring the craftsmanship, charm, and philosophy of Ruffoni into more homes worldwide


A new generation of Ruffoni: Giulia joins the business full-time, while Laura and Lorenzo start learning the trade

Meet The Team


Get to know the artisans who pour passion, craftsmanship, and love into each and every Ruffoni piece


Molding and Shaping for 50 Years

Nerio is the first contact for all the new copper coming into the workshop: he presses, molds, cuts ,and twists it into all the shapes needed for our pots and pans.

He sings – beautifully – while working, and argues it’s music that keeps him young. As he nears half a century of service, Nerio has no intention of stopping: he has seen 3 different Ruffoni generations, and says (jokingly?) that he’s waiting for the fourth.


Hand Tinning, Since 1990

Alan warms up each item over a big flame, applies a stick of the purest tin, then expertly brushes it on so that a thin but resistant layer perfectly coats the inside of every pot and pan

A second-generation Ruffoni team member, Alan follows in the footsteps of his father Roberto and uncle Ezio, from whom he learnt the ancient art of tin lining. Cumulatively, the Salvò men have been with Ruffoni for over 80 years!


Polishing, Since 2013

Paolo carefully polishes every piece, removing all tarnishes and oxidation resulting from the tinning process to bring out the warm shine and sparkle of copper

He's a radio lover and part of a team of civilians trained to help the National Civil Defense, in case of natural calamities, with all their coordination and communication efforts.


Knobs and Finishing, Since 2017

Corrado is our youngest team member: he attached handles, and knobs and stamps the bottom of every item with the Ruffoni logo to ensure authenticity.


Quality Control and Packaging, Since 1999

Antonella cleans and checks every item to ensure they meet all Ruffoni quality standards before packaging them safely to reach your home.

Always smiling and friendly, Antonella whistles while working, but don’t let that fool you: she has super-human eyesight and is the most intransigent of quality inspectors. Nothing leaves the workshop without her approval!


Stock and Shipments, Since 2012

Elena is in charge of the stock room, preparing and assembling all orders and making sure we don't run out of your favorite items.

Having joined Ruffoni short-term on a maternity cover, Elena fitted right in with the team and never left. She loves learning about our far-away clients and has an impressive memory of names, addresses, and special delivery requirements.

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