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Mexports by Susana Molina Rustic Contemporary Solid Mesquite Wood Top 72" x 42" Coppertone Kitchen Island

Designed to bring luxury and rustic elegance at its finest, our stunning round mesquite topped kitchen table is the perfect addition to your decor!

Where Rustic meets elegance, Free standing kitchen island provides another dining option as well as preparation space.

What's Included

  • Table Top
  • Base


  • Mesquite is an extremely stable wood more stable than any other hardwood, it is sure to keep your purchase good for years to fall. The intensive, straight grain lumber with consistent color and characteristic over the entire face of the wood adds on to the beauteousness and persona of the piece. When it comes to the real attraction of the room, here also mesquite wood is nowhere left out, it adds an architectural feature.

  •  The dining table forged of mesquite wood upscales it into a versatile piece of furniture that goes immaculately with rustic elegant spaces it leaves a classic casual accent that has an eye-catching appeal augmenting its beauteousness. It makes every day exciting and unique.

  •  The stable nature of mesquite wood and its subtle imperfections give an eye-catching appeal. The grain pattern of mesquite wood highlights its voluptuous elegance with its artistic details. Its high durability provides for its sturdiness demarcating a bold and timeless statement and adding a glorifying charm to your interior. In the contemporary world, Mesquite furniture is highly in demand because of its artistic imperfections and grain patterns which go well with your interior, and also its sustaining durability to withhold any sort of climatic condition adding on to its sumptuousness. Mesquite is favorite of all preferences both to work with and to endow for customers, it is sure to make your every day exciting and unique.

  •  Exquisite and Diuturnal Furniture – Considering mesquite wood is exorbitantly callous and crammed, it is archetypal for concocting things like furniture. Minutias made from mesquite wood will last for decenniums and crave very meager alimony or nuisance to stay in great guise. Many woodworkers have also turned to mesquite for decorative woodworking over the years.


      Mesquite Wood
      5 ft to 7 ft
      Height 36"
      Width 42"
      Length 70"
      Material Hammer Copper
      Iron Finish Coppertone
      Inlay: No Inlay


      Types of mesquite wood

      Honey mesquite

      It has a medium to coarse texture and open pores with a natural luster. It’s highly durable characteristic, provides for its best use in furniture as it exhibits very little expansion or contraction.

      Velvet mesquite

      The velvet mesquite wood is very hard and quite attractive in furniture. The sapwood yields a yellow color, the heartwood a reddish-brown color which adds a sumptuous to your furniture style.

      Screw bean mesquite

      It is hard, durable, and highly attractive. It is basically used by custom workers. Screw bean mesquite is used for making small pieces of furniture and specialty decor items.

      Process of wood working

      1. Best quality wood is selected from the storehouse.
      2. The log is then cut down in the form of slabs.
      3. It is then brushed and worked on for a smooth surface.
      4. The natural grain pattern highlighted on the top of the log adds on to its beauty.
      5. Then it is hand hammered or carpenter work is done to get the desired form of furniture.
      6. Lastly the surface is polished, giving it a final touch


      Here is an easy 3 Step Guide to create your dream piece of Furniture at Mexports by Susana Molina

      Design your One-of-a-Kind piece of Furniture

      The metal bases are handmade by Mexican Blacksmiths. Each piece of metal is heated using a traditional charcoal fire, hammered by hand on an anvil, and carefully crafted to form the unique and delicate looking base. Our Iron Bases are entirely painted by hand on six different colors, decorated with the lovely imperfections and warm patina distinctive of an antique crafted solid metal.

      TOPS & EDGES

      Our Mesquite has a swirling grain, its color and occasional wood grain irregularities offer a hidden treasure and each of the panels and moldings is cut by hand. Mesquite undergoes very little shrinking or swelling compared to oak which shrinks and swells about 8 times as much, and all of our tops are sealed with polyurethane. tops are offered in different edges and the thickness.

      Travertine is a natural stone, similar to granite, marble or slate. it is usually found in hot springs and limestone caves. All of our travertine comes from a quarry in south Mexico.

      Travertine Cross Cut is produced when the blocks are sawn in favor of the vein, which means that the natural vein is avoided. The final result is a surface that presents a fairly non-uniform background, composed by several light and dark cloud areas.

      Travertine Vein Cut is produced when the blocks are sawn against the end result is a travertine that presents a well-defined parallel vein.

      Our cream travertine is only available vein cut and it has a more elegant coloration, featuring soft hues of color with light veining. veining is a natural phenomenon which enhances the beauty of the stone and makes each top unique.

      Natural Hammered Copper Top– Our Copper id fired by hand, giving it an individual, one of a kind finish with reddish to black patina. it is then wrapped around and glued to a plywood base. the copper top is protected with multiple coats of automotive grade acrylic lacquer and it does not change over time. available in round, square, oval and rectangular shape. Copper Tops are for indoors use only.

      Finish Your Masterpiece

      Voilá Your One-of-a-kind piece of furniture is ready to order.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Where do the products ship from? We do ship from Laredo Texas border town with Mexico.
      Do you have merchandise in stock or its made of order? Yes, we carry Merchandise in stock, we can ship immediately for up to six weeks maximum if we don’t have in stock.
      Do you offer customization? Yes, we do Welcome Customer Orders, take from 8- 10 weeks.
      Where the products are manufactured? All our products are Manufactured with Natural – Organic products from different Regions in Southern Mexico.
      Do you accept returns? All our sales are Final, we don’t accept Returns, due to the heaviness, sturdiness, and our Professional way of Packing.
      What do I do if I receive a broken piece?REFUSE, write down on the Drivers Proof of Delivery and notify Mexports immediately, we will send you a replacement piece as soon we make the claim with the Carrier Company.
      Is there merchandise insurance? Yes, we do send all Merchandise insurance with the carrier, if you received a broken piece, please do not accept it, REFUSE and we will replace it as soon as we can.
      Do your products have a warranty?
      Are your products handcrafted or machine produced? All our products are Handcrafted, Hand Painted, and Hand Forged, there’s no piece alike, there’s One-of-a-Kind.
      Can I pick up merchandise from your facilities in Laredo Texas? Yes, of course, you can CURBSIDE on our Location in Laredo TX, we just need a couple of hours, for packing & finishing touches details.
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