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Nantucket Sinks 33" Farmhouse Fireclay Sink with Shabby Sugar Finish

33 Inch Farmhouse Fireclay Sink with Shabby Sugar Finish

Nantucket Sinks' 33-Inch single bowl farmhouse fireclay sink with Shabby Sugar finish.  Part of our Vineyard Collection, this sink has an artistic finish to create a distressed look with plenty of depth and character.  Finished on all 4 sides lets you choose the plain or fluted apron front.  A tranquil light to medium blue hue with darker distressing marks makes it shabby-chic.  There are many benefits to fireclay.  Its glazed surface inhibits bacterial growth more than stainless steel.  It is eco-friendly requiring less cleansers.  Made and hand-finished in Italy, each sink is unique.  Due to the firing process, dimensions are nominal and may vary to actual up to .5".  Custom cabinet or apron cabinet required.

A note about fireclay: small cracks will appear on the unglazed underside of the sink, these are cosmetic only and have no impact on the performance of the sink.


  • Compatible with the following accessories: 3.5EDF-BRS, 3.5EDF-ORB, NS35LCC, and BG-VC33S
  • Available BG-VC33S bottom grid for purchase
  • Due to firing process, shrinking will occur and named dimensions are nominal only
  • Fireclay is hygienic, with a glazed surface that inhibits bacterial growth better than stainless steel
  • Nominal dimensions - actual may vary by up to .5"
  • Intentionally distressed finish done by hand - each sink is unique
  • Without Overflow
  • Professional installation recommended


Color Shabby Sugar
Material Fireclay
Installation Apron
Shape Rectangular
Bowl Type Single


At Nantucket Sinks' they are dedicated to their customers and ensuring their satisfaction with the products. With such a wide selection of products offered by the company, they have created warranties that are specific according to various products. Take a look below to find information about your sink.

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About Nantucket Sinks

If you have ever been to Nantucket, you know firsthand how nature and simplicity define its elegance. It’s further evident in its beautiful vistas and New England architecture and bright sandy beaches. Like the grey cedar shingles weathered by the sun and salt air, Their products too will stand the test of time.

At Nantucket Sinks, they have selected a product line that conforms to the grace and splendor of the island while providing timeless functionality. They have made it their mission to produce products that can seamlessly balance the ever-changing needs of the modern kitchen and bathroom with the enduring elegance and beauty that their customer seeks.

Fireclay sinks were introduced over 100 years ago and remain the centerpiece of many kitchen designs. Nantucket's Fireclay offerings are hand finished in numerous styles, shapes, colors, and treatments designed to suit the most discerning homeowner. They rely on generations of artisans to craft each one of their Fireclay sinks into a showpiece.

The Regatta Collection Fireclay wash basins carry an understated sophistication that completes your unique bathroom environment. Nantucket Sinks offer an assortment of shapes and sizes that will facilitate your design requirements.

Nantucket Sinks' newly updated Brightwork Collection features hand-hammered wash basins and bar sinks crafted by skilled artisans. They are made from 16 gauge solid brass and 18 gauge stainless steel depending on the model.