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Stone Lain Elena Stoneware Bowl Yellow, Blue, Pink, Mint


Elena is a fun and colorful dishware set that is sure to WOW. The Stone Lain Elena Stoneware Bowl Replacement set includes mint, pink, blue and yellow speckled bowls that are perfect for spring and summer salads, but can certainly be used year round for soup or chili. The light pastel colored bohemian dishes fit into any minimalistic, boho chic, trendy home or apartment. This set of 4 large bowls can be used to replace broken ones, or you can use it to add-on to your existing Elena set! Pair this set with your favorite Elena plates and you are ready to for a cute, yet casual dining experience. Elena is microwave and dishwasher safe, for easy reheating and cleaning. Grab a set (or three!) today and experience fun dining, at home.

About Stone + Lain

Stone + Lain makes dishes come true. More than dishware, we craft experiences out of porcelain, china, and stone. Our plates and bowls come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Stone + Lain is about offering our cherished community high-quality tableware that’s also highly-affordable. We believe that your formal or casual table moment should be priceless, not pricey.

 Always Fashionably Plate

One should always show up to every party fashiobaly plate. Looking great is less about your makeup and more about what you’re made of.

Priceless, Not Pricey

Class and sophistication have no price tag. We do everything humanly and technologically possible to keep prices down and experiences up.

Charm To Table

There’s no reason glorious dishes cannot show up to your door, and table, with ease and precision. We value technology that ensures charm is delivered securely and quickly.

Ware We’re At

Human experience is everything. Dishware is to fine experience what canvas and paint are to fine art. Dishware is the platform upon which you create and experience your masterpiece.

To beautify tables and enhance culinary experiences, one plate, one bowl, one dish at a time.
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