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ZLINE 30" Professional Dropin Cooktop Black Porcelain Top with 4 Gas Burners

The newest ZLINE cooktop is engineered for those who are passionate about cooking. Directly imported from Italy, the hand-crafted Italian burners have been voted a feature favorite by ZLINE customers for over 3 years.

Single unit cast iron grills, industrial grade rust-resistant stainless steel and the new high-gloss porcelain black cooktop demonstrate why this model is three times more durable than its competitors. The proprietary high-gloss finish not only looks cleaner, but tarnishes less over time and contains no crevices. These features deliver an easy to clean cooktop that will never accumulate bacteria.

Manual controls and durable components eliminate unnecessary service repairs over the product's lifespan, despite the generous 1 year manufacturer's warranty that comes included with this cook top.

Burner size and BTU variety provide diverse cooking options for a chef-grade cooking experience. This hassle-free kitchen upgrade incorporates bold design and optimum functionality so you will never have to sacrifice power, performance, or precision.

Experience the unrivaled craftsmanship each ZLINE product offers by ordering your RC30-PBT today - your new cooktop ships next business day when in stock.


  • On average, ZLINE Ranges are 50-60% less expensive compared to similar products on the market. ZLINE brings the best quality-to-price ratio in the industry. We stand by our products with our generous warranty.
  • Handcrafted Italian Burners, some of the highest quality on the market, imported directly from Italy.
  • Single Piece Stainless Steel Top, featuring ZLINE's proprietary 7-layer hand rubbed finish, is durable and easy to clean.


Italian Burners

  • Hand-Crafted in Italy
  • Italian burners are the finest burners in the world, with Italian elegance and extreme durability
  • Imported directly from Italy
  • Premium alloy to ensure efficient and clean-burning flames
  • Durable and easy to clean. Italian burners easily detach for a simple and straightforward cleaning process

Porcelain Cooktop

  • Premium One-piece Porcelain Cooktop
  • Allows for an easy to clean surface, no crevices that can hold residue or build-up
  • Featuring a high-gloss black finish that does not tarnish over time and looks exceptional as the years pass by
  • No-scratch Porcelain designed to handle every cooking environment and is built to last

Cast Iron Grill

  • Featuring a solid-piece cast iron grill, this grill is heavy duty and built to last.
  • Single-piece cast iron
  • Extremely durable, with an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio
  • Can hold the heaviest pots and pans and maintains an even cooking surface forever


Product Weight 40 lbs.
Width 30"
Depth 21"
Height 4"
Fuel Type Gas Cooktop
Voltage 120/240V/60HZ

(4) Burners with hand-finished black porcelain one piece cook top and electronic spark ignition for all burners

  • Dual Burner - 18,000 BTU
  • Rapid Burner - 13,000 BTU
  • Semi-Rapid Burner - 8,500 BTU
  • Auxiliary Burner - 4,200 BTU
Mount Type Drop-in Cooktop
Control Type Durable Top Controls
Material Stainless Steel Frame with 1-Piece Hand Finished Black Porcelain Cooktop- Italian made burners
Certifications ETL Certified
Warranty 1 Year Parts and Service & Lifetime Burners.




1 Year Parts and Service & Lifetime Burners

Limited lifetime warranty on the Italian burners includes parts replacements for burners and burner caps, and parts and labor for the spark tip if parts prove to be defective in materials or workmanship.


Founded by Andrew Zuro, ZLINE Kitchen and Bath is a company based in Lake Tahoe, USA. ZLINE is family-owned, with headquarters in Ohio, Nevada, and Tennessee. All of their products are designed and shipped from the United States by Andrew and his team.

They're committed to providing the experience of Attainable Luxury with an endless selection of high-end appliances offered at an exceptional price point. Through their innovative designs and unparalleled quality, their goal is to deliver an elevated, luxurious experience in the center of every customers home.