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Elica EIV424BL

Elica Volta 24" Black Glass Induction Cooktop

Elica Volta 24" Black Glass Induction Cooktop

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Introducing Volta, a line of powerful cooktops equipped with top-end induction technology, ensuring precise and efficient cooking like never before.

The modern design showcases a luxurious black glass surface and electronic side touch controls, allowing it to seamlessly blend style and functionality. Available in three convenient widths - 24", 30", and 36" - Volta offers a range of options to fit any kitchen space.

Additionally, our cooktops come with multiple plus features that will revolutionize your cooking experience.


  • STOP & GO - If you are interrupted while cooking, with just a single movement, pressing the Stop & Go button, you can switch off all the cooking zones and walk away with complete confidence and safety.
  • DELAY SWITCH OFF - A smart timer feature allows you to set the automatic switch-o of the product after a predetermined time. Delayed shutdown may be used in order to leave the hood on even after cooking, so as to fully remove stubborn odors and residual humidity.
  • TIMER - Set the cooking time and start the countdown. At the end, the cooking area will be automatically switched o and a beep will sound. You can set independent timers on more than one area at the same time.
  • TEMPERATURE MANAGER - The cooktop can be used with two different standard programs (107° F & 158° F) to always ensure perfect cooking.
  • POT DETECTOR - The hob automatically detects the presence of the pot in the cooking area and provides heat only when it is correctly positioned.
  • TOUCH CONTROLS - Multifunction electronic touch control behind sleek black glass and illuminate red when activated.
  • CHILD LOCK - This avoids that the cooking or extraction areas are not accidentally switched on. The function can be enabled when the product is switched on but the cooking areas and extraction are switched off.
  • TOTAL INTEGRATION - The Total Integration products have been designed to be seamlessly integrated into the kitchen whilst maintaining harmony with the surroundings.
  • BRIDGE ZONES - Avoid heat to be progressively dispersed when using longer or larger pans, by joining two cooking areas into one single larger area. With the same power, uniform, and constant temperature
  • EXTRA LARGE ZONE - Cooking using large pots & pans (up to 10” diameter), or prepare special dishes faster, thanks to high power levels, in MAX comparison to the average induction hob on the market.
  • WARMING MODE - Designed for low temperature cooking, ideal for heating liquids without worrying about overheating. Keeps prepared food warm, while other foods are still cooking.WARMING MODE - Designed for low temperature cooking, ideal for heating liquids without worrying about overheating. Keeps prepared food warm, while other foods are still cooking.


Item Number EIV424BL
UPC Code 190603005721
Brand Name Elica
Series Volta
Finish Tempered, Ultra Deep Black Ceramic Glass
Controls Electronic Glass Touch & Slide w/red illumination
Installation Type Built-In / Self Rimming or Flush
Width 24"
Depth 20 3/4"
Height 3 1/2"
Weight in lb 31
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