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Mater Medium Black Bowl Table

The Mater Bowl Table reconciles old Indian craftsmanship with the simplicity of Scandinavian design. The table top, made of sustainably sourced mango wood is turned on a lathe, showcasing the skill of Kharadi, an Indian wood-turning community, and supporting their local craftsmanship. The Bowl Table can stand alone or be paired as a side table vignette. The finish used on the tabletop is a lead-free, water-based PU lacquer. The legs are made of milled hollow steel rods and can be detached for ease of labor and transportation.

What’s Included

1x Top Panel
3x Legs


  • Lead-free
  • Detachable steel legs
  • Made with harvested natural mango wood
  • Stand-alone or be paired as a side table vignette


Designer Ayush Kasliwal | IND
Top Panel Material Solid Natural Mango Wood, FSC® certified
Legs Material Solid Sandcasted Steel Legs
Finish Lead-free, Water-Based PU Lacquer (Black Stain)
Height 20.4"
Diameter 18.1"
Weight 5kg / 11lbs
Packaging 1 box / 1 pcs
Environment Indoor
Item No 01602
Maintenance guide To maintain the finish quality of your Mater product, please follow the care and cleaning procedures provided below. The instructions for the care and maintenance are provided to you as a service. No warranty is implied since results may vary.

Lacquered or stained wood

Lacquered or stained wood offers a stronger surface than oiling and is also effective when colored surfaces are desired. Compared to natural or oiled wood, lacquered and stained wood is easier to clean and requires very little maintenance.

For daily care, it is recommended to dust the furniture with a soft cloth. Lacquered and stained wood can be cleaned with a soft cloth wrung in a mild solution of lukewarm water and a universal cleaning detergent. Always follow the wood grains and always dry with a soft dry cloth immediately after cleaning.

Avoid the use of abrasive cleaning agents and aggressive cleaning detergents as this will damage the surface of the lacquered or stained wood. Avoid placing wooden furniture in direct sunlight, excessive heat, or humidity.

Mater always recommend the use of trivets under hot objects, such as coffee pots and cups to prevent the lacquer or stain to react to the heat.

Powder coated steel

A powder-coated steel surface is durable and requires very little maintenance. It is recommended only to use a soft dry cloth to clean powder-coated steel surfaces but in case more severe cleaning is necessary, soft cloth wrung in lukewarm water can be carefully applied. Always dry immediately after cleaning with a soft dry cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaning agents or aggressive cleaning detergents on powder-coated surfaces as this may permanently damage the surface.
Installation Guide

Carefully position the table top upside down onto a clean, padded surface. Insert threaded studs of each leg into corresponding holes of the tabletop. Turn each leg clockwise to secure.


The Supplier represents and warrants, at the time of delivery and for a period of 24 (twenty-four) months thereafter (the “Warranty Period”), that (i) all Products are and will be merchantable and without any defects in design, construction, functionality and materials and (ii) that the performance and fitness for the Products will be in accordance with the requirements and specifications.

The warranty covers indoor and outdoor products of single shift service from the date of shipment. These are products designed for commercial applications. The warranty covers material-, and production defects defined as physical faults and defects from the date the product was delivered from The Supplier to the Customer designated delivery address. The original invoice must be presented as proof of the purchase.

The warranty does not cover if the products mentioned in this contract have been stored, mounted, or used in a wrong way, misused, altered, maintained, or treated with wrong detergents. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, cutting marks, scratches, stains, or damages caused by bumps or accidents.

Periodic maintenance is necessary. Products should be inspected at least once a month for damage or signs of structural fatigue incurred in daily handling in addition to receiving regular cleaning & maintenance (i.e. screws and bolts should be tightened, foot caps and gliders replaced regularly at the owner ́s expense). If a defect is found, take the item out of service immediately and contact Mater.

More Details

Incorrect use

Coats and other articles should not be hung on the back of products. This practice may cause products to be unstable. Do not stand, lean, climb, kneel or rock on any products. Chairs are not designed to be placed seat down on table surfaces. Chairs stored in this manner are unstable. Chairs falling from table tops may compromise the structural integrity of the shell/base attachment. This damage is not covered under the warranty.

Stacking / Unstacking
Damage to products caused by stacking and unstacking method or moving stacked products are not covered under the warranty.


Variations in colors, grain, or texture of wood or leather reasonable commercial match are not warranted due to the natural characteristics of the materials. Upholstery materials are not warranted against fading.


Should a defect occur, Mater ́s sole obligation will be to repair or replace at Mater option defective goods free of charge provided the product is returned to us promptly, as directed, prepaid, and with an RMA( return merchandise authorization) number. All costs for labor, furniture installation, removal from service, and reinstallation due to warranty claims are the responsibility of the customer. Mater will not be liable for costs associated with any of the above conditions.

Under no circumstances shall Mater`s warranty exceed the original price paid for the products. Any refund extended will be prorated. Repair or replacement of discontinued products will be at the discretion of Mater.

If claiming a defect, the customer must provide physical documentation in form of digital images or similar clearly explaining the defect and how it occurred. No reimbursements for repairs made in the field will be allowed without prior written consent from Mater.


3D Files

About Mater

Circular since 2006
Founded in Copenhagen in 2006, Mater was created to be the pioneering global brand with sustainability embedded in its core. From the very beginning, the ambition was to inspire a global design audience and engage people in sustainable thinking. Mater combines sustainability and circular production using waste, with timeless design, through collaboration with an external base of well-established and new design talents. Designed for both commercial and residential use, Mater strives to avoid and minimize any adverse impact on society, by following ethical and sustainable production criteria and creating products that will both stand the test of time and inspire the consumer to cherish and savor them.

Together Mater are committed
After years of research for more sustainable ways to create furniture, lighting, and objects has now worked with a range of production partners with the same ambition as us, creating partnerships for change and supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Together Mater are committed to searching for new and better ways of making beautiful design - in a responsible way.

“Mater means ‘mother’ in Latin.
The name is the daily reminder of Mater small contribution to preventing the challenges 'mother earth’ faces. Design influences how Mater as humans live our lives; it shapes values, culture, and society. Unfortunately, Mater are increasingly aware that the choices made during design processes often have environmental consequences. However, as a manufacturer, Mater have the opportunity to rethink dubious practices and create an ethical and sustainable design that minimizes adverse social and environmental impacts.”
- Henrik Marstrand, Founder

"All Mater products must be designed to address one or more of the sustainable development goals. If this is not possible Mater will not produce it." - Henrik Marstrand, Founder

About the Designer


Ayush Kasliwal is a furniture design graduate from National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, the premier design institute in India. Ayush's design studio AKFD is committed to development of ideas using local crafts that have evolved over centuries. His work represents a fusion of unique creativity and uncompromising integrity rare to find in the highly competitive world market.

Kasliwal explains: ”Products have their own eco-system. They carry with them their history - as in how and where they are made, and their future - as in where they will go to. Mater is one of the few to recognize this, and to engage, in a positive manner with these ecosystems".


Bowl Table - Small
  • Mango Wood, Sustainably harvested
  • Available Colors: Matt Lacquered, Sirka Gray Stain, and Black Lacquered
  • Black Steel Legs
  • Small: 40cm Diameter 38cm Height
Bowl Table - Medium
  • Mango Wood, Sustainably harvested
  • Available Colors: Matt Lacquered, Sirka Gray Stain, and Black Lacquered
  • Black Steel Legs
  • Medium: 46cm Diameter 52cm Height
Bowl Table - Large
  • Mango Wood, Sustainably harvested
  • Available Colors: Matt Lacquered, Sirka Gray Stain, and Black Lacquered
  • Black Steel Legs
  • Small: 52cm Diameter 46cm Height
Bowl Table - Extra Large
  • Mango Wood, Sustainably harvested
  • Available Colors: Matt Lacquered, Sirka Gray Stain, and Black Lacquered
  • Black Steel Legs
  • Small: 75cm Diameter 38cm Height