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MASTERPAN Mastermill 9" 5-In-1 White Multi Section Spice Grinder & Dispenser

Introducing our patented 5-in-1 Multi Section Spice Grinder & Dispenser under our MASTERMILL brand. Tried, tested and loved by Chef Mike Ledesma of the Perch restaurant in Richmond, Virginia, the MASTERMILL easily loads with upto 5 different spices in 1 compact unit allowing you to use as you please by simply selecting the chamber with the desired spice and grinding as much as you need and then turning chambers for the next spice you need and using that. Be able to use salt, pepper, cumin, corriander or cumin all from the same grinder.

By cutting out the age old tradition of multiple middleman and retailers we contract manufacture all our kitchen tools directly with quality manufacturers and then sell them straight to you at an affordable price. Simply put - Amazing Quality at Affordable Pricing.


  • EASY TO USE::5 easy-fill chambers with silicone seal to retain freshness. Spice chambers can be filled from top or bottom allowing you to refill any chamber as you need. Audible ‘Click’ for precise spice selection. Ergonomic design for comfort & easy grinding. Twists to prevent separate spices from being mixed. Innovative kitchen prep for home or restaurant. Easy for table serving, only 1 grinder to carry.
  • USE YOUR FAVORITE SPICES:this fantastic spice mill holds 5 different spices in 1 compact unit. Easy select spice function – just twist to choose. Clear sides allow easy monitoring of spice levels. Great for Pink Salt, Pepper, Fennel, Cumin, Corriander, and more!
  • HEAVY GAUGE BASE HEATING PLATE: suitable for any size cooking hob and all heat sources including induction. Even heat distribution allows you to cook your favorite dishes effortlessly. Use on any heat source including induction, gas, solid plate, ceramic, Radiant ring, and halogen
  • PORTABLE, USE ANYWHERE:great for outdoor events, parties, picnics, backyard BBQs, camping. Compact for college dorm room. Makes organizing, finding & using spices easy. Salt and pepper grinder set.
  • MESS FREE DESIGN:face up design keeps countertop mess-free. Corrosion-free ceramic grinder. Each section holds 3 fl oz / 18 teaspoons of spice. Use only spices that require grinding;
  • SMART KITCHEN STORAGE:use this single unit, salt shaker pepper grinder, to keep spices in one space in your kitchen cabinets or on your kitchen counter. Save space and keep your kitchen pantry organized. Clear up kitchen clutter for more counter space! Keep contents out of sight and your kitchen looking tidy and organized.
  • SAFE & DURABLE:made from all new material and to FDA standards the MASTERMILL is food safe and BPA free. Cannot be washed in dishwasher and should be hand washed and air dried
  • PERFECT GIFT:comes in a beautiful color gift box so makes for a perfect gift for that someone special on their birthday, mothers day, fathers day, X'Mas or just to say you love them. Great gift for a beginner or seasoned chef. SPICES: not included. LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY: see our warranty page for further details.


Material Plastic, Acrylic, Ceramic
Diameter 2.8"
Depth 2.8"
Height 9"
Weight 0.8 lbs


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Filing a Claim

in the event of any claim for one of our products please email a picture of the damage/s and let us know the problem. Please also send us pictures of the top and bottom of the pan as we need to validate the normal wear and tear condition of the pan. Our Warranty Team will respond to your claim as soon as possible.


Our warranty covers your product/s from any material or workmanship defects at time of production and its non-stick coating under normal and non-professional use as mentioned in this care guide.

Does Not Cover

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Final Decision

In the event of any claim we reserve the right of the final decision of either repair, replacement (or if no longer in stock a replacement) or refund of purchase price paid in part or whole depending on the nature of the damage.


In the event of a repair or replacement there will be no charge besides shipping and handling cost. The cost of returning the product to MASTERPAN is up to the customer. The cost of shipping and handling a replacement is a flat US$9.99 per product that is under warranty.

Improper Use

We do not cover any incidental or consequential damages arising from any direct or indirect use or dropping of our product/s. Our warranty does not cover any third party liability damage that may arise from improper use or handling of our product/s such as damage to personal property, bodily parts, flooring, etc., by accidental dropping of our product/s or damage to other product/s by improper storage of our product/s.

Cosmetic Damage

This warranty does not cover scratches or damage that is merely cosmetic or minor in that it does not significantly affect the performance of the product/s itself. Minor imperfections, surface markings as a result of shipping, and slight color variations are normal.

Non-Stick Replacement Guarantee

Every non-stick coating will eventually wear out depending on usage and no company can guarantee that but what we guarantee is that if it wears out within 12 months of purchase because you used our pan everyday then we will offer you a brand new pan at half the price to replace your old one. So for example you purchased a new pan for US$29.99 and the non-stick coating wore out due to normal wear and tear and you want to replace it, simply just email us a copy of your invoice and picture of the pan and we will send you a brand new pan for only US$14.99 + US$9.99 for the shipping and handle so you get a brand new pan to use.