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Robam R-Box 20-in-1 Seasalt Blue Combi Steam Oven With External Water Tank and LED Display

Robam R-Box 20-in-1 Seasalt Blue Combi Steam Oven With External Water Tank and LED Display

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Meet Robam's latest innovation: the 20-in-1 R-Box Combi Steam Oven. Engineered with Robam's proprietary technologies, this countertop steam oven is equipped 3 key functions and 7 auxiliary modes including convection, grill, steam, defrost, ferment and more. Multi-function R-Box that provides everything you need to make meals in minute. One oven to replace all. Multiple colors to match your kitchen design. The R-Box steaming oven features a multi-stage cooking process. Steam your food to lock in nutrition and tenderness, then bake or roast to make things extra crispy. Select from a menu of 30 built-in recipes created by professional chefs. With a simple push of a button, you’ll have a delicious meal in minutes. Our steam convection oven is packed with additional features including defrost, ferment, warm, clean, dry, sterilize, and descale. Designed with you in mind, the LED display is tilted at 20 degrees so you never have to bend down to use it. Built with an external water tank, the counter convection oven provides 70 minutes of continuous streaming. Select from Mint Green, Garnet Red, or Sea Salt Blue to match your kitchen’s aesthetic.

What's Included

  • Mint Green R-Box Countertop Oven
  • Steamer and Baking Tray
  • Fryer Grill
  • Descaling Agent
  • Water Absorbing Ball
  • Rectifier
  • User Manual


  • Core Functions: Steam, Grill & Air Fry
  • Seven Cooking Modes: Defrost, Fermentation, Warm, Sterilization, Clean, Descaling, Dry
  • 30 Built-in Recipes
  • Steam and grill at the same time. No need to check your food while its cooking.
  • Cooking Without Oil. Fresh, crispy frying to avoid grease and improve diet.
  • Control the temperature of steam precisely for better tasting: low (85C), regular (100C) & high (150C)
  • Ergonomic design with 20 degree tilt LED display
  • Maximum duration for steaming is 70 minutes

Air Fry

Enjoy healthy fried food using our Air Fry function (no oil and grease)

2 Baking Modes

Make your meal crispy outside and tender inside with our multi-baking process

3 Levels of Steam

Eat healthier today by steaming your meal

Built-in Recipes

30 preset recipes so you can enjoy different cuisines


Use our high temperature steam to clean the stubborn residue

Spacious Interior

Countertop oven with spacious interior and large 1.2L water reservoir
Superior Air Fry Performance


Backed with vortex cyclone technology, the R-BOX functions like a professional-level air fryer.

  • Make your food 45% crispier with circulating hot air at 2000 RPM
  • Delivers a combination of 2900 Watt with the double ring element (top) and dual-speed motor fan (back)
  • Temperature range: 90°F to 445°F
Multi-Steam Modes


  • ROBAM’s smart countertop oven makes it easy to eat healthily. With 3 steam modes, you can retain nutrients without sacrificing flavor.
  • Low steam mode at 185°F: ideal for steaming vegetables and seafood.
  • Regular steam mode at 210°F: optimal for steaming most dishes.
  • High steam mode at 300°F: perfect for stews and ribs.
Extra Safety Protections


  • Safety comes first with all ROBAM products including this mobile oven. The ROBAM R-BOX rapid cook oven insulates heat and is safe to the touch even when operating at 445°F.
  • One of the few countertop-sized convection ovens made with 3 layers of glass and two double layers of E-glass.

Product Highlights

One Oven to Replace Them All

Meet Robam's latest innovation: the 20-in-1 R-Box Combi Steam Oven. Engineered with Robam's proprietary technologies, this countertop steam oven is equipped 3 key functions and 7 auxiliary modes including convection, grill, steam, defrost, ferment and more.

No Grease and Smoke. No Loss of Flavor

R-BOX uses a dual-speed motor with a double-ring heating tube on top to bring heat to every corner of the appliance. This technology creates a stable temperature throughout, so foods are evenly heated and retain nutrients.

Super Powerful Steam

Quickly penetrates food and locks in freshness.

Enhance Your Cooking Experience

The R-Box steaming oven features a multi-stage cooking process. Steam your food to lock in nutrition and tenderness, then bake or roast to make things extra crispy.

Select from a menu of 30 built-in recipes created by professional chefs. With a simple push of a button, you’ll have a delicious meal in minutes.
Our steam convection oven is packed with additional features including defrost, ferment, warm, clean, dry, sterilize, and descale.
Designed with you in mind, the LED display is tilted at 20 degrees so you never have to bend down to use it.
Built with an external water tank, the counter convection oven provides 70 minutes of continuous streaming.
Select from Mint Green, Garnet Red, or Sea Salt Blue to match your kitchen’s aesthetic.


Brand Robam
Model ROBAM-CT763B
Product Type Steam Oven
Color Seasalt Blue
Voltage 120V
Frequency 60Hz
Overall Power 1800W
Top Heating 1400W
Rear Heating 1500W
Overall Range 90F-445F
Capacity 22L
Exterior Dimension 20.8 W x 14.1 D x 15.7 H
Interior Dimension 20.9 W x 15.7 D x 14.1 H
Net Weight 42.3LB
Motor Single
Rated Input Power of the Hood 260W
Maximum Input Power of the Light 2W
Connection Plug-in


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Product  Warranty Period*
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Steam Oven / Dishwasher / Oven One (1) Year Limited

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  • Any defects or damage to light bulbs;
  • Change in color or finish due to chemical usage;
  • Improper installation not in accordance with the instructions;
  • Dents, bumps, and scratches incurred during shipping, handling, or installation;
  • Damage caused by failure to follow care and cleaning guidelines, including damage caused by the use of abrasive cleaners;
  • Alterations made to the unit/product by the purchaser or installer;
  • Damage caused by accidental impact, fire, flood, freezing, or normal wear; and/or Bends and warping caused by forced connections, over-tightened fittings, or inadequate support during installation.

A thorough inspection must be made before installation, and any damage must be promptly reported. We will not be liable for any failure or damage that could have been discovered or avoided by proper inspection or testing prior to installation. Incidental repairs that would involve a minimum amount of time and effort for the purchaser will not be considered warranty work, and no compensation will be deemed forthcoming.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Steam Ovens vs. Conventional Ovens: What’s the Difference?


The kitchen is the heart of your home, and to keep it at its best, you need to have the best appliances. Unfortunately, no kitchen has endless space for every appliance you want, so you must make some tough choices. One appliance with several types that you may have to decide on is an oven. There are various kinds of ovens, and most people know about steam, conventional, and convection ovens. We’ve previously written about convection ovens, so today, we’re focusing on the difference between steam ovens and conventional ovens. Keep reading to learn more.

Pros of Steam Ovens

While many homes in the United States don’t come equipped with steam ovens, they are an excellent appliance to have on hand. As their name implies, steam ovens cook food with steam, and although that steam is at a lower temperature than conventional ovens, it usually cooks your food faster. This is because steam transfers heat more efficiently than the heating mechanisms in conventional ovens. And since the oven itself has moisture from the steam, you won’t need to add unhealthy oils like you would with a conventional oven. Your food will look better when you steam it since steamed food retains its color better.

Cons of Steam Ovens

Unfortunately, steam ovens can do only one thing: steam. This means that if you need your oven to perform a specific cooking technique such as broiling, you won’t be able to with this type of oven. Most steam ovens for personal use are small and can only fit on your counter, so you may not be able to use them for large gatherings. And since it’s harder to control the steam temperature, you may struggle with specific recipes, especially when baking.

Pros of Conventional Ovens

Although steam ovens can cook food faster, they’re limited in what they can do. Steam heats too quickly and doesn’t have as much temperature control compared to conventional ovens. This means that conventional ovens are ideal for baking and browning. Conventional ovens also have settings related to their heat mechanisms, such as broiling, which steam ovens don’t offer. Since conventional ovens are exactly that, conventional, they’re also bigger, and one is probably already installed in your home. That means you can serve your entire family or party much easier than with a smaller steam oven.

Cons of a Conventional Oven

Unfortunately, conventional ovens cook slower and require more oils to keep the food moist. You can also experience uneven cooking with conventional ovens since the heat source is in the back of the oven and doesn’t move like steam does, leading to one part of your dish cooking faster than the others.

Pros of a Combination Oven

A combination convection-steam oven gives you all the benefits of both a steam oven and a conventional oven. You’ll enjoy the health benefits and quick cooking of a steam oven while still being able to bake as you would in a conventional oven. While combination ovens are the same size as a steam oven, making them a smaller countertop appliance instead of a large conventional oven, they’re still an excellent choice for cooking, especially for smaller dishes.

The main differences between steam ovens and conventional ovens are how they cook, either with steam or with a heating mechanism, and their size. A combination oven allows you to use both cooking methods in a compact size that may not be ideal for large gatherings but is perfect when you want healthy food quickly.
Maintenance Tips: How To Properly Clean Your Combi Oven?


Almost every homeowner knows that cleaning their kitchen appliances is one of the many chores they must complete regularly. Your combi oven is no different than any other appliance, and by regularly cleaning it, you ensure it remains in tip-top condition. Below are some must-know maintenance tips on how to properly clean your combi oven.

Keep It on a Schedule

Depending on the types of food you cook in your combi oven, you may have to sanitize and wipe down the gasket after each use. This tip is specifically for those who cook a lot of poultry, as the fat could build up inside the oven. However, if you solely cook cakes or steam vegetables, most experts agree that you only have to do a detailed cleaning once or twice a year.

Tips for Cleaning the Oven

Knowing how to properly clean your combi oven keeps it in top condition, and you should always use the manufacturer's recommended cleaner. As you clean your combi, you should always use a soft cloth, as anything else could scratch the appliance. Additionally, you should:

  • Remove the racks and anything else inside of the oven.
  • Run a steam cycle to soften the grime.
  • Wipe down the combi.
  • Apply a recommended cleaning product.
  • Wipe down the cleaner after the advised time.
  • Run a steam cycle.

One important note to keep in mind is to avoid spraying the cleaning element at the top of the oven with your product. Also, note that daily and monthly maintenance tasks have a few differences; you don't have to do a heavy clean every day.

Daily Cleaning

After using your combi, it's always best to wipe it down. For a daily cleaning, use the recommended spray and wipe the oven down with your soft cloth. You should also clean the fan guard, fan, and glass door. As you do this, also ensure you remove any crumbs or drips from the chamber and gasket.

Monthly Maintenance

Experts recommend that you descale the steam generators monthly to prevent a buildup of various minerals or compounds. It's also a good idea to install a water treatment system on your combi oven since this helps further prevent a buildup.

What To Avoid

As you clean out your oven, it's important to remember that certain cleaning agents or materials could ruin it. For example, some people recommend using lemon juice to clean a combi oven, but if yours is stainless steel, this method could cause it to rust. Similarly, abrasive cleaners or products like steel wool may scratch the surface. When in doubt, always check the owner's manual to see what the manufacturer recommends.

Shop at ROBAM for a countertop combi oven for your homeThanks to its compact design, this appliance can fit perfectly inside any kitchen while still big enough for all your kitchen needs. It's time to change up your cooking as you leap into the kitchen!
Buyers’ Guide: Which Type of Steam Oven Is Right for You!


Everyone who loves to cook needs the right appliances to make preparing tasty meals simple. And if you’re one of those people, a steam oven may be just what you need to create some fun and healthy new dishes. To make things simple, we’ve created a buyers’ guide to help you choose which type of steam oven is right for you!

What Is a Steam Oven?

Although a steam oven may look like a typical oven, it uses steam to work, making it more eco-friendly. Not only that, but since these ovens have a high wattage, steam ovens also cook food much faster than other oven types. While some are fairly expensive, this isn’t always the case, as the price depends heavily on the brand and model of the steam oven.

You may wonder how an oven could work this way. Most steam ovens pump water through a boiler, and as things heat up, the water becomes steam. Depending on the model you purchase, you can either add water manually or automatically. An automatic steam oven will connect to your plumbing system.

An Added Bonus

Many homeowners love this appliance because it makes healthier meals without changing the flavor. The steam will ensure whatever you cook remains moist without the need for excess oil since it utilizes “wet heat,” unlike gas, electric, and convection ovens.

The Types of Steam Ovens

There are three main types of steam ovens you should look into as you consider making this purchase. First, you’ll need to decide between a steam-only oven, a combi-steam oven, or an added moisture steam oven, then review the pros and cons of each.

Steam-Only Oven

Steam-only ovens are often the first type that comes to people’s minds when discussing steam ovens, as they rely solely on steam to function. Depending on what you need yours for, this type could be the perfect fit. Keep in mind that a steam-only oven exclusively performs steam cooking, hence the name.

The good news is that most steam-only ovens are affordable, so you can purchase one without making other sacrifices to your budget.

Combi-Steam Oven

A combi-steam oven, or combination steam oven, can use either steam or convection, depending on how you set it. For example, you can select the oven to function only with steam features, solely convection, or the perfect blend of both.

Many gravitate toward this option because it gives them more flexibility in the kitchen, as they can steam meals while also getting them nice and crispy! Because of this, the combi-steam oven may be the perfect option if you do a lot of various types of cooking.

Steam Oven Features

Now that we’ve covered the three main types of steam ovens, let’s dive into the features. Steam ovens have:

  • A water tank: If you have to fill the tank manually, this is detachable.
  • An oven compartment: Each size has a different capacity.
  • Cooking programs: You can adjust the temperature and time to suit any particular dish.
Except for the water tank, these are the same features you’d see on the conventional oven. Keep in mind that maintaining the water tank is important, especially if it’s detachable. This piece could crack or otherwise leak if you don’t care for it, but most brands offer replacement parts.
4 Benefits of Cooking With a Combi Steam Oven in Your Home


Designing a functional space in your kitchen with high-quality appliances is essential. Not only does using low-quality bulky products create unnecessary stress and frustration, but these products also waste your money.

In this blog, we're focusing on one of the highest quality must-have appliances for your kitchen: the combi steam oven. To learn more about the four best benefits of cooking with a combi steam oven in your home, continue reading below.

Health Benefits

Combi steam ovens use advanced technology to produce steam that thoroughly cooks foods. This cooking process helps preserve the original texture of your foods. Compared to standard heat technology, your meals also lose fewer nutrients through this process.

You can create a healthier and tastier meal with less hassle and preparation needed.

Baking Features

One of the best benefits of cooking with the combi steam oven in your home is taking advantage of this appliance's additional features. While other steam ovens may only cook your meals, the combi steam oven contains cooking and baking features. As a result, users can quickly cook and bake a wide range of foods and desserts in this oven. 

User-Friendly Technology

Investing in high-tech appliances is useless when these devices are impossible to understand or decipher. Here at ROBAM, we specifically designed our combi steam ovens to be incredibly user-friendly. Our ovens automatically generate low-water warnings and even include auto shut-off features.

Not only are these features user-friendly, but they also improve your home's safety. Users can bring combi ovens home with peace of mind knowing these devices are convenient and safe to include in their kitchens.

Convenience Advantages

Combi steam ovens are an ideal portable cooking device for kitchen appliance users who reside in apartments or rent their living space. Our ovens are flexible and mobile with your lifestyle. In addition, since combi steam ovens have such a compact exterior, packing these ovens for big moves and kitchen renovations is simple.

Don't waste precious counter space on low-quality appliances. Instead, browse the ROBAM website to learn more about how you can introduce combi steam ovens into your home kitchen.
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